Grow Brilliant is about YOU, not about me. You are a smart, dedicated woman who got a bit off track forgetting about her own needs, in search of herself – and my mission here is to help you get back to being that beautiful, smart and gracious woman that you are, act on your biggest dreams, and start living your story!

This blog is for you if:

  • You know you want to transform your life but can’t seem to find the time, motivation or ideas to do it the right way. You want to be fit, healthy, satisfied. You want to travel, relax and read more. You want to be HAPPY.

  • You want to become self-aware and break from negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

  • You want to strengthen your confidence and overcome low self-esteem you’ve been battling for years.

  • You have dreams. BIG DREAMS. But as you got older your dreams slowly started to fade. Your life became hectic and you mixed up the things you wanted to achieve with the things that were expected of you.

  • You keep drifting through life hoping that something will eventually change.

  • You know you want to do so much with your life but you find it hard to pay attention and focus on what matters.

  • You know you want to reach your goals but once you set them you give up after only a few weeks of writing them down.

  • You know that your story hasn’t been told yet and that you have to share it with the world.

More About Me

I am a certified life coach specializing in helping women reinvent themselves by overcoming low self-esteem, changing habits and reaching their ultimate goals in life. I am also a writer and the author of The WindFinder.

I find immense gratification in teaching and helping others reach their full potential. I’ve always been passionately curious about human behavior and development, longing to find answers to what makes people happy, determined to succeed, and reach their dreams. Life coaching helped me find answers while working on improving my life and helping other women succeed.

Why I created

Because of women like you and me.

When I went through my hardships I needed someone who would understand my struggles and offer guidance and reassurance.

That’s why I am here to listen and share our experiences. I am here to help you reinvent yourself and grow into the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

That brilliant woman is living the life she loves. She is fit and healthy, kind and elegant, feminine and bold. She teaches her children everything she knows and helps others in need. She reads great books, spends times alone, absorbs the world around her when traveling. She is happy.

She is also imperfect but beautiful in so many ways. And she knows how to say no when she wants to. Because she’s learned how to put her needs before everything else and take care of her inner little girl who needs stillness and serenity to create, rejuvenate and live. She is YOU.

The woman you want to be is already within you. You just have to find a way to let her lead you and show you that everything you’ve always wanted can be yours.