Hi, I’m Tee. Thanks for joining me!


Are you tired of living in the past, letting life pass you by, promising yourself that tomorrow you will start working on yourself?

Are you constantly feeling frustrated because you never had the courage to pursue your lifelong dreams?

Have you forgotten about your feminine power to transform simple, ordinary things into something new and beautiful that will change your life?

If you said YES to these questions, you came to the right place where nothing is impossible. Here you will learn how to reinvent yourself, revisit your dreams, and create the life you love.

Grow Brilliant is about YOU – smart, dedicated woman who got a bit off track forgetting about her own needs, in search of herself – and my mission here is to help you get back to being that beautiful, smart and gracious woman that you are, act on your biggest dreams, and start living your story!

This blog is for you if:

  • You know you want to transform your life but can’t seem to find the time, motivation or ideas to do it the right way. You want to be fit, healthy, satisfied. You want to travel, relax and read more. You want to be HAPPY.

  • You want to become self-aware and break from negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

  • You want to strengthen your confidence and overcome low self-esteem you’ve been battling for years.

  • You have dreams. BIG DREAMS. But as you got older your dreams slowly started to fade. Your life became hectic and you mixed up the things you wanted to achieve with the things that were expected of you.

  • You keep drifting through life hoping that something will eventually change.

  • You know you want to do so much with your life but you find it hard to pay attention and focus on what matters.

  • You know you want to reach your goals but once you set them you give up after only a few weeks of writing them down.

  • You know that your story hasn’t been told yet and that you have to share it with the world.

Here’s what I know:

I know that you are unique and that you deserve to be happy.

I know that once you embrace your true qualities, you can do anything you imagine and create the life you want to live.

I believe in YOU.

And with the right guidance you can do it. And I will show you how.

If you want someone to listen and guide you in your journey, to show you that the life you’ve always wanted to live can be yours, then you’ve come to the right place.

Grow brilliant is the place where you stop making excuses and start taking serious action!

I deliver useful tips and ideas in my weekly blog posts and emails to help you improve your life and become the best version of yourself.

I research, study and learn everything I write about and I share with you what has worked for me and how you can apply it to your life, too.

I will show you how to focus and prioritize, and recognize what it is that you really want in life. I will show you how to lead a healthy life and beat bad habits by building good ones. I will help you to bring out that beautiful little girl in you, that has always had big dreams and knew that one day she would make a difference in the world.

Through creativity and strong belief in yourself, you can do anything you imagine.

More About Me

I’m Tee. I was born, brought up, and have lived in seven countries on four different continents.

I am a certified life coach specializing in helping women reinvent themselves by overcoming low self-esteem, changing habits and reaching their ultimate goals in life. I am also a writer, and the author of The WindFinderbright inspirational book that taught me that dreams do come true when you take action and have faith in yourself.

I find immense gratification in teaching, and helping others reach their full potential. I’ve always been passionately curious about human behavior and development, longing to find answers to what makes people happy, determined to succeed, and reach their dreams. Life coaching helped me find answers while working on improving my life and helping other women succeed.

I come from an amazing family and have the most wonderful parents who have always encouraged me to believe in myself and my imagination.

I’m married to the best guy in the world who taught me how to live in the moment and stop saying ‘tomorrow’. I learned from our two brilliant boys that imagination is something no one can take away from you and that your mind is powerful.

As a little girl, through vivid imagination, I created a world where I woke up happy and excited every single day even when life seemed unfair and incredibly hard.

But as I grew up I became preoccupied and found myself drifting through life, until I remembered…

In the world where my creativity and imagination ruled, anything was possible. Why were things different now?

So I started analyzing my life, focusing on the most important questions:

  • Is this what I’ve always wanted?

  • What was I waiting for?

  • Who was to say that I could not do it?

Why I created GrowBrilliant.org?

Because of women like you and me.

When I went through my hardships I needed someone who would understand my struggles and offer guidance and reassurance.

That’s why I am here to listen and share our experiences. I am here to help you reinvent yourself and grow into the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

That brilliant woman is living the life she loves. She is fit and healthy, kind and elegant, feminine and bold. She teaches her children everything she knows and helps others in need. She reads great books, spends times alone, absorbs the world around her when traveling. She is happy.

She is also imperfect but beautiful in so many ways. And she knows how to say no when she wants to. Because she’s learned how to put her needs before everything else and take care of her inner little girl who needs stillness and serenity to create, rejuvenate and live. She is YOU.

The woman you want to be is already within you. You just have to find a way to let her lead you and show you that everything you’ve always wanted can be yours.

So who am I to tell you how to reinvent your life?

That’s a good question! 🙂

But I am no different than you.

I am an ordinary woman with extraordinary goals. I was determined to get to where I wanted to be and who I wanted to become. I decided to take matters into my own hands and transform my life. I stopped listening to what others told me I should do.

I listened to my heart, instead and created the reality I live today.

Through strong desire to grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be, change my habits, improve my health and live the life of my dreams, I created powerful techniques to better my life and transform myself.

I believed in the power of positive thinking. I chose happiness.

And no, I am not some kind of a self-help guru who will tell you that this process will be a piece of cake and that my advice is the only one.

I constantly challenge myself to expand my limits and enrich my mind. I want to see how far I can go and achieve what others say is unreachable. I have thousands of hours of research and learning behind me and I document everything that I go through and learn from.

I did not invent setting goals, waking up early, or healthy eating habits. I simply decided to implement these changes and live my life on purpose:

  • After being bullied in school throughout my childhood, which led me to think that I wasn’t enough, I distanced myself from the negative and completely changed my self-beliefs.

  • I learned to say yes to opportunity and created the life I dreamed of living since I was a little girl.

  • I’ve helped motivate other women to pursue their dreams and reach them. My book The WindFinder has inspired women around the world to believe in their dreams and pursue them.

  • I’ve helped friends and family regain focus and realize what matters to them most.

  • I mastered will power through the power of habit (I’m talking serious sugar addiction here).

  • I learned that you can teach your children anything and that they’re never too small for a challenge. Remember that you are the most important teacher they’ll ever have in life.

  • I’ve accomplished my biggest goal in life to see the world and experience life somewhere far, where only dreams may take you. And this is my reality today.

But most importantly, I let happiness and positivity rule my world, and I don’t let anyone ruin this for me or tell me that it is not possible.

You can do it, too if you take action. I will help you become the best version of yourself and guide you through the process but you are the only one who can make it happen. You have the power within you to make a change and start living the life you want. 

Don’t let the world define you.

It’s time to create and live your own story.

Join me in creating your brilliance!